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Artichoke  can be use to take care of the digestive and liver system and is useful for hangover.



Native to the Mediterranean and beyond region , the artichoke is alleged to acquire its name and common use from Islamic Spain. Later on, the plant was  brought  to the United Kingdom through the Germans as well to California through the Spanish.

Artichoke  can be a food dietary supplement which you can be use to take care of the digestive and liver system, It favors this enzymatic approach and plays a role in your body when it comes to its depurative performance.

It's thought that  improves bile flow. The artichoke  consists of an anti-oxidant polyphenol known as cynarin.

Artichoke is additionally useful for hangover. Due to its benefits to the liver , most people recommend artichokes as a hangover treatment method .



Artichoke leaf  (Cynara scolymus extract)