Comprehensive Body Scan Questionnaire

Answer YES, if you:
  • Are committed to natural healthcare as opposed to prescription medicines or drug treatment.
  • Are seeking preventative protocols and interested in avoiding potential health problems.
  • Experience weakness, fatigue or frequent infections.
  • Suffer from chronic or recurrent disease.
  • Experience intermittent symptoms and treatment has failed.
  • Are at high risk for a particular condition or disease and interested in strengthening potential weaknesses. (i.e. Have a family predisposition to a specific disease, health condition, weakness or high probability for it).

Note: Individuals, who answer “yes” to any of the above, generally experience recurrent symptoms such as asthma, allergies, seasonal affective disorders, migraines, skin issues and seizures, just to name a few. People who constantly clear their throat, snore when sleeping, have brittle hair, experience joint pain, disturbed sleep patterns, or tend toward addictive behavior are considered prime candidates for this testing procedure.